Narrow down the bandwith from 4CH to 2CH

Hello, guys.

I am working on memory test program by using Jetson TX 2.
I want to narrow down the memory bandwidth from 4CH to 2CH for benchmarking.
Is there any solution?

I tried to modify the BCT file.

SDRAM[0].McEmemAdrCfgChannelEnable                = 0x0000000f; -> 0x00000003;
SDRAM[0].McEmemCfg                                = 0x00002000; -> 0x00001000;

JTX2 returned Error code 1.

[0213.811] I> Initializing SDRAM
[0213.817] I> mss encrypt status check successful
[0213.821] I> downloaded image bct_mb1 successfully
[0214.201] I> Downloading blob at 0x0000000085300000
[0214.322] E> Checksum verification failed.
[0214.326] E> Sending nack 0x0b85c11c
[0214.329] E> Failed to receive data
[0214.333] E> (0b85c11c): Failed to receive data from host

hello majin216,

You SHOULD NOT change the SDRAM configure, they are auto-generated files.
we will investigate the correct procedure to modify the memory bandwidth and get back to you,

hello majin216,

Besides your memory test program, may i know more details about why you need memory bandwidth modification?