Natasha in Sci-fi Library

Here is Natasha, my custom CC 3.44 model.
It was supposed to be brunette, but that is another issue :P

Next thing is to bring some motion :)

Nice work Pekka! Beautiful lighting. I love the reflections in her glasses.

Boom! She is brunette finally :)

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First test with Natasha moving:

From this I made a new topic:

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Minor updates to her skin SSS.

First take/shot is rendering right now, right here.

I am so happy to share the first shot render:

I used Acculips in iClone7 to make her talk, move and have those facial expressions and also animated a 2nd layer of eye movements on top of that all. Everything was easy and fast to learn with Reallusion´s software.

I still wait for the teeth & tongue solution A2F:

Here is the new style for Natasha.

Also TO-Marston color corretion from Lutify Me Pro Pack.

First shot´s lights are done!