Native compilation for Driveworks on PX2 downsides


Is there any significant downside to having natively compile Driveworks on the PX2?

I am using both ROS and Driveworks on the PX2, so it would be rather painful to cross compile. Native compilation seems to work so far. I am wondering if down the road there would any issues with pursing native compilation?

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Dear mpechon,

Unfortunately, we support only cross-compile way for DriveWorks. Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

Thank you for your reply.

May I please get some clarification/elaboration? As in, why I should pursue cross-compilation versus native on the PX2? Or why Nvidia only supports cross-compilation? What is the advantage of pursuing the advised cross-compilation versus native compilation?

Is native compilation of Driveworks not feasible?


Hi, mpechon.

We are using both ROS and Driveworks on the PX2, too.

I can not give you much help, but please see the link below.

Dear mpechon,

Can I know why would it be painful to cross compile both? what are the benefits of native compilation for you? Thanks.

Dear Steve,

Currently, I cannot find any working means to cross-compile DW and ROS. Perhaps you have a guide for us to follow?

Native compilation is my only working option as of now; and I am wondering why I should explore cross-compilation if native track works.

Dear kheo1772,
Thank you for the links; I shall check them out.

Dear mpechon,

We suggests most people don’t use native compilation given that that desktops are much more powerful and it’s mainly needed to address limitations in DRIVE OS (VisionWorks, TRT, etc.) Thanks.