Native lib not getting added to APK.

Hi there,

I’ve recently returned to an android project, and after much messing around I’ve got it to build all our native code and produce an apk. I’ve used our old nsight_tegra_build_overrides.gradle with the small auto generated buildscript pasted above it.

Unfortunately the libs directory with is not getting copied across into the apk despite being present in the Tegra-Android/Debug/build/libs directory.

I don’t remember doing anything explicit to get this added to the apk, can anyone tell me what I’m missing please? Maybe the old gradle system did this before we had to move over to the explicit gradle overrides property?



Hi, please share the full versions of:

  1. Nsight Tegra VSE, copied from VS’s About window
  2. Android SDK’s build and platform tools
  3. Gradle
  4. Android plugin for Gradle that you’re using in the custom build script.

It will be quite helpful to see the full build script, if possible.
I suppose that the Gradle-generated build output’s directory structure is different between a default and a custom build, thus the build tool can’t find the library .so file.