Natively supported network programming protocol, or something like RakNet

Hi All,

I’m working on a project, where several depth cameras work together with a Jetson Nano to stream the depth data real-time via TCP/IP network. I managed it till now with RakNet, but as it seems, RakNet does not support ARMv8 (64bit).

The goal is to have a C++ library that works on X86-64 (Ubuntu, Mac OS, Windows) and ARMv8-64 (Ubuntu-JetsonNano, Android, IOS)

So I’d like to ask if there is a solution to this in another way.

Thanks, Zoltan


Could you check if your depth camera can be opened with GStreamer?
If yes, you can use our Deepstream library. It works good with multi-stream use case.



Thank you for the answer. My cameras aren’t delivered yet, but as they are intel real-sense cameras I assume they can be used with deepstream.