Navigation.Cartographer / General Cartographer question

I am trying to use Cartographer for mapping using the Livox Mid-40 lidar. From the best i can tell is that the navigation.cartographer Isaac module will only accept a flatscan as its lidar input however the livox produces a point cloud. I know that cartographer can accept a point cloud as an input. Is there any way to be able to pass the livox point cloud using the navigation.cartographer Isaac module?

Asking more broadly, there is other things I would like to do utilizing cartographer that the module does not look like it currently supports like passing in GPS data as well as utilizing the 3d SLAM. I am assuming the source for the navigation.cartographer module is not available however if it is please let me know where i could find it. If its not available any help with figuring out where to get started using the cartographer API within my own Isaac codelet would be greatly appreciated since documentation for running cartographer outside of ROS has been proving to be hard to find

Hello Michael,

You are correct that the navigation.cartographer component supports flascans and not point clouds as input messages. One could write a conversion component or, as you point out, provide the possibility of the input as a point cloud to the navigation.cartographer component.

GPS and 3D SLAM are topics we discuss internally but have committed to specifics. We have not published demonstration on these topics.

The navigation.cartographer component code is not published at the moment. I will bring up the question as to whether it could be made open source as well as the other questions noted above.