Navigator is not installed

I cannot open the Navigator in Nucleus and always get the following error message:

Error: Can’t launch navigator – navigator is not installed.

Reinstalleation of Omniverse did not help. I am on the newest version. All services are running fine. What do I have to do to install the missing Navigator?

In the same boat, reinstalled Omniverse a few times but not working at all. Cannot access localhost:8080. Something seems to be broken with this latest build. This is on Windows 11 new build as well.

OK, I got it working now. There is a cleanup tool for uninstalling Omniverse:

(Cleanup-Tool — Omniverse Utilities documentation)

I used it repeatedly. Some connector plugins may persist. So, better check the connector paths for the respective software for deleting them as well.
Then a clean install works again. Navigator will be installed automatically when setting Nucleus up