Navsim scenario creation, prefab problem

So I have tried modifying the demo_2 scenario for Navsim, running into a problem where I tried swapping the current prefab ‘Cylinder’ for any other object, such as Box03, or TrashCan02 - and what happens is if you put those objects in the way of Carter the robot does not recognize it in it’s path planning and it tries to drive straight through the object, and obviously can’t. It does navigate around the Cylinder, but not any other prefab.

  "scene": "warehouse",
  "description": "Drive from garage door to back of warehouse, encounter an unexpected obstacle",
  "robots": [
      "prefab": "Carter_Wheeled",
      "name": "robot",
      "node": "navsim",
      "pose": [0.931374, 0, 0, 0.364064, 4.91, 0.85, 0.05]
  "frames": [
      "name": "pose_as_goal",
      "pose": [0.707107, 0, 0, 0.707107, -8.12, -6, 0]
  "obstacles": [
      "prefab": "TrashCan02",
      "name": "obstacle in hallway",
      "pose": [1, 0, 0, 0, 0.13, -4.67, 0.055]

Hi Navon,
I am able to recognize the TrashCan02 using the parameters you provided so that it is weird. However, if I change the obstacle’s Z parameter of the pose to a higher value (ex: 1), it is possible that it it is too high to be detected by the flat range scan simulation. That might be your problem.

Can you try changing the last parameter of the pose (translation Z) to 0 and check if it works?

"pose": [1, 0, 0, 0, 0.13, -4.67, 0]

In Navsim’s Play Mode we don’t have a sense of that because we’re looking into a top view. If you look into Isaac Sight you can see if the object is present in the local_map visualization. You can also check the Color Camera view to have a proper visualization of what’s in front Carter.


That would make sense, I’m currently taking a break from some NavSim operations, but I will try and test this out soon! I usually do use the ColorCamera view in WebSight, so maybe I didn’t pick up on this. This was in the 2019.2, and I have just upgraded to 2019.3, and I definitely need to look at the Sim because it seems a lot has changed! But for now it seems like that may be a potential fix. Thank you!