NBODY: Barnes-Hut method on Direct Compute?

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knows if there are examples of the barnes-hut method (or multipole method) made in DirectCompute? I have been looking for a while and still no luck, all examples I find are on CUDA and I don’t have much experience with that sad.png

I ask this because I have made a nbody simulation with the brute force approach, ie O(N*N), but would like to optimize it to support higher particle amounts.

Cheers and thanks for your help

Hello Everybody.

I am starting to work on a big 3D simulation project together with Ural’s State University. Could you throw me into a decent book on DirectCompute and especially Ray-Tracing on DirectCompute. Something from Jason Vietnick will do fine.

Email Me on o_gubanov@mail.ru.