NDA NVAPI - No one wants to talk to us and it is getting VERY OLD.

I would like the name of a specific person at NVidia I can contact about getting access to the NDA version of the NVAPI. Every attempt my company has made in getting in contact with someone over the last several years has failed. We have been completely ignored at every occasion.

please send me a personal message that includes a description of your organization, a description of your project and why you need the NDA version of NVAPI. i’ll see if I an help.

I’m David, I has the same question with gdewan, could u give me your email,thanks in advance.


I’m also looking for the NDA version since some months.
I’d really appreciate if you could get in touch with me for this issue.


I still don’t have access to this btw.
Great developer support.

Hello team,

I’m very interested in the GPU Overclocking API and its NDA edition. What are the conditions to access this edition?

Anybody there? Is it a dead forum here?