NDAA Compliance

Hello, are the Orin NX or the Orin Nano NDAA compliant? I know this question was asked about the Xavier NX and the awnser was, no they are made in China.

The answer is No, same as XAvire NX.

This is a huge disappointment for any use in US government applications. Are there any plans on offering an NDAA version?

The production of Jetson AGX Orin 32GB and Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial modules will be extended to the Foxconn San Jose facility.
See Jetson Family PCN209580 Foxconn San Jose Facility as Second Source Contract Manufacturer

Thanks that’s promising. Any plans for the Orin NX/Nano in the next year or two?

I don’t know, I will forward this requirement to internal team for discussing.

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Our Jetson FAQ pages have been updated with Orin SKUs that are manufactured in US, please check Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer to order US manufactured SKUs for AGX Orin 64GB & Orin NX 16 GB.

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