ndk r8e

Hi Guys,

Raise my hat to the team that create this set of tools.
Works great!!!

I would like to use ndk r8e. Our core libraries requires that.

Is there a quick work around the limitation to r8d?

Richard Lalancette

Yeah I was thinking this too. Lots of bug fixes in r8e.


To use NDK r8e do the following:

  1. Extract NDK r8e somewhere without spaces in path.
  2. In Tools -> Options -> Android point NDK path at it.
  3. Copy RELEASE.TXT from the r8d to the r8e folder and replace the existing one (but create a backup just in case).

However, please note that Nsight Tegra was tested against NVNDK r8d only and therefore we cannot guarantee that all will work as expected. In particular, there is no 4.7.2 toolchain in the NDK r8e and this is the default toolchain in Nsight Tegra projects. You will have to change it in the project properties -> Android Directories -> Toolchain Version.

That’s good info. Thanks.

How long do you think it’ll be before there’s official support for it?

Thank you Dmitry!

it’s currently scheduled for early june