Ne10 library generated,but math functions be not included,under TX2 native ubuntu16.04

I generated the NE10 static library,and the dsp functions can be called, but all math function can not be used.Why is this?

hello Ge-Baoshan,

please have more details about the environment setups.
for example,

  1. which JetPack release you’re working on.
  2. which public release version of NE10 you’re used.
  3. which math functions you need is not working, any failure message shown?

1 I do not use JetPack , use Tegra186_Linux_R27.1.0_aarch64.tbz2
2 NE10 is the latest version
3 functions ne10_addc_float_c(),ne10_addc_float_neon(),ne10_mulmat_3x3f() are not working, cannot compile.

hello Ge-Baoshan,

  1. we had already release r28.2.1, could you please have a try with our latest release.

  2. what’s the compile failure message shown.