Need advice about deformable wall/ground.

Hi everyone, I am new to physics engine, I used to implement basic simulation in bullet engine. Since it doesn’t have clone feature so I want to try physx .

I am trying to simulate a bouncing ball (rigid dynamic) inside deformable static tube. The tube’s shape is changed from outside function on vertices’ position. And the tube’s global transformation never be changed from any force (static). So when the tube’s surface collide with ball, ball will be moved and bouncing inside the tube.

The problem I have now is what is suitable actor and how to change vertices position in physx side.
I do not know should I use rigid static ? or kinemetic ?
If I use rigid static , how to change vertices’ position and force scene to recalculate collision detection ?

Please advice me.

Thanks in advance!

PhysX supports deformable heightfields. If the transform of the object is fixed then a PxRigidStatic with a heightfield attached could be the way to go. I’m guessing you would need 2 or more heightfields to model the inside of a tube. An example of a deforming heightfield is described here:

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Thank you.

I am not sure how to apply heightfield with tube shape .

Is it possible to change vertices position of PxTriangleMeshGeometry/ PxTriangleMesh in real time ?
I tried mScene->resetFiltering(*actor) , not work