Need advice with ds-example

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

**• Hardware Platform :- DGPU
**• DeepStream Version :- 6.2

Hello, Im trying to build a pipeline like this

pgie (face detection) -> face_alignment -> sgie(face recognition)

face detection model gives me facial landmark points, which Im able to get in pipeline scope as objects metadata.
for face alignment Im trying the ds-example plugin, referring to the deepstream-opencv-test.

When I run pgie -> ds-example ->osd -> display_sink, the pipeline works fine and the faces are getting aligned as well and getting displayed as I want. But when I add another nvinfer after ds-example, the pipeline does inference on some frames ( as I can see the bbox and landmarks on stdout ) and then gets stuck without any error whatsoever. Im confused about what is causing it.

Do I need to use another nvvideoconvert plugin before sgie ?? do I need to change the nvbuf-memory-type?

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You can try replacing ds-example with nvdspreprocess.

okay will try that

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