Need clarification for Jetson Xavier AGX


I am running deep learning application in Jetson Xavier AGX.ow ever, i obtained power consumption at 17 watts, which is far away for power consumption with Jetson nano which is 5.4 but of course I get better performance and real-time detection with Jetson xavier in comparison with Jetsn nano.

My question is why Jetson xavier AGX is called low-cost embedded system since the power consumption is quite high

Kindly if I can get clarification for this point


I can’t answer this question here as it’s the tecnhincal forum for development issues.

One point to clarify is that Jetsons are low power consumption relative to the computing power, but that they can be set to different power modes. For example, the highest performance would be from:

sudo nvpmodel -m 0
sudo jetson_clocks

nvpmodel basically sets up allowable clock rates and core availability, and then jetson_clocks maximizes clocks within that range. The “-m 0” model is for high performance. Other models allow for conserving power.

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