Need confirmation on Jetson K1 Expansion Port Pinout

Looking at the schematic for J3A2 (Page 26).
Is the square icon is pin 3?

Just making sure.
Usually, it is the indicator for pin 1, hence my confusion.

Pin 1 should be marked with a ‘square’. Refer to

Unfortunately, I have one of the first May Batches where the square is clearly viable on it.
It is pin 3 like in the schematic.

Thanks for helping.

Have you checked this page?

Just FYI, the silkscreen markings are correct.

Pin 1 of J3A1 or J3A2 would be the pin closest to the board edge of that connector, and furthest from the 20 pin JTAG connector.

Pin 3 is the pin furthest from the edge of the circuit board, directly under pin 1.