Need CUDA code to control monitor displayed area

I am not sure if this can be accomplisehd at all using the CUDA or Windows libraries.

Here is my scenario. I have 2 GeoForce cards installed on a Windows 8 machine. I will like a CUDA code in a C++ routine that will control the image display on one of the monitors.

My code will generate an image that I want it projected on one of the monitors while blacking out the full area of the monitor except the image that I want displayed in the middle.

Just think it like a Powerpoint slide that is rendered in FULL VIEW mode. I want the code to turn the entire background of the monitor to Black , White or Blue and displayed my vector image in front.

CUDA doesn’t really know anything about the display. It is primarily for compute purposes. You’ll need to accomplish your display management using ordinary APIs such as DirectX or OpenGL.

If you have computation that needs to be done also, you can exchange data between these display APIs and CUDA using the CUDA interop APIs, which are documented via CUDA sample codes and in the runtime API documentation at