Need Direct3D samples!

Hi, everyone!

I’m currently working with CUDA and Direct3D! The beta version (2.1) is now supports Direct3D 10, so i want use CUDA with Direct3D 10! But i dont know how…! All functions are similar but Direct3D 9 is different from Direct3D 10, and i cant make it run…! I tried to map IDirect3DTexture2D with CUDA but all the things i can see is black green!

Direct3D 10 has better speed and some advantages, so i really want to use it! If anyone has samples of using CUDA with Direct3D 10, please share with me!


We should be releasing the CUDA 2.1 SDK very soon, this includes a Direct3D 10 sample.

:rolleyes: I’ll wait for it :)!
Version 2.1 is really good! Hope to see release version soon :)!