Need driver update for CUDA 9 to run in AWS g2 Windows instance

I started a Windows server 2016 g2 instance on AWS, it’s the cheapest option possible with a GPU. The GPU on there is a GRID K520, but the problem is when I try to install CUDA 9 I am not able to install driver 385.69, according to the error message the hardware is “incompatible”.

I looked up NVIDIA’s website and the latest driver that works with GRID K520 GPU is driver 370.16. With no surprise when I compile the CUDA samples and run devicequery I got an error

cudaGetDeviceCount returned 35
-> CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version
Result = FAIL

When can we get driver support for GRID K520 in order to for me to run CUDA 9 applications?

Are there other AWS instances available that use different GPUs? NVIDIA’s download page shows 370.16 to be the latest available driver for the Grid K520, so (as you say) its not surprising that CUDA 9 is not supported.

These CUDA forums are not designed as a venue for feature request to NVIDIA. It is unlikely that such a request posted here will result in any action. You could try filing a bug report, or complain to AWS who in turn can take up the issue with NVIDIA (presumably feedback from AWS carries a bit more weight).

Use CUDA 8 with that instance type. Or use a different instance type with a Tesla GPU in it.

The cheapest one with a Tesla is the P2 instance, but there will be a huge 50% price increase compare to the g2.

Reverting back to CUDA 8 also means I have to downgrade to VS2015 from VS2017 because CUDA 8 doesn’t support VS2017. That’s a major effort for downgrading.

I hope the driver support will come soon for GRID K520.