Need example to import Unreal map

We are trying to use some external map, port into Isaac to validate the Isaac scaliability.
Currently I used the following map as example.

By copying the content into the IsaacSimProject, I’m able to start the map.
But I can’t start carter config through plugin, and issac app can’t connect to the simulator.

Is there anything I need to do?
This is my process:

  1. Import the valley map.
  2. adjust the coordinate, in the carter config file.
  3. ./Engine/Binaries/Linux/UE4Editor The_Valley valley -vulkan -isaac_sim_config_json=“isaac/apps/carter_sim/bridge_config/carter_full.json”

Also I don’t see any special config in the blueprint.

In the map change the game mode to IsaacSimGameModeBase:

The asset is in the IsaacSim Plugin at:

This game mode loads the json specified by -isaac_sim_config_json=“isaac/apps/carter_sim/bridge_config/carter_full.json”

Hi Hammad, I also wanted to run the carter_sim application in a new environment. Could you please give more detailed information about that? I have very little knowledge of Unreal Engine. If you could give step-by-step instructions about how to run the applications in a new environment, I would highly appreciate it.

Hi xmaster,

Sorry for the late reply.
In order to test Carter in a new map, you can do this in 2 steps:
step 1) import the desired map into Isaac sim
for this you can follow any UE4 instruction, like this one:

step 2) ste the game mode as Hammad has mentioned in the top message.

Hope this works,

Hi Liila,

Thank you for the answer which helped me.