Need for `` in nvargus-daemon.service

Could someone clarify why the nvargus-daemon.service require the as its dependency? We saw it hanging on a system that wasn’t online making the camera startup to be delayed. Are there any issues with removing this dependency? Here are the contents of the service configuration /etc/systemd/system/nvargus-daemon.service

Description=Argus daemon
; Everything depends on the NVIDIA per-boot script
; TPC power gating must be enabled before anything touching gpu



hello deepak.talwar1,

it’s using socket for read/write buffer.

as you can see…
$ ls /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/tegra/libnvargus*

here’s the socket used for initial connection to the Argus daemon, i.e. /tmp/argus_socket
when Argus server started, it will listen on the unix domain socket for connection requests.

I will add that “networking” includes the loopback address. Loopback is a virtual address tied to the local system (indeed, you can either “ping localhost” or “ping”). It is quite possible that you don’t need any other part of the network. Note that if this is the case, then even if there is no wired or wireless network, it would still work (but it would still bring up and make available localhost).

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