Need guidance for infrastructure design for my homelab


I need guidance on how the best way to set up my lab.
Server 1 &2 are dell R630’s. They have dual port VPI connecct-x 5
Server 3 is a QCT storage server. It has a single port VPI Connect-x 5
I have a Dell 4112-ON-F switch that is dedicated for storage

My thought is to configure it so the two hosts are directly connected to each other with one of the 100g and then uplink the other and the storage server to the switch.

The problem I am running into is it’s very confusing which technology I should be using for storage. Is iSER the latest and greatest? Should I be looking at SRP? Should I be using PFC and queuing? I have set ip iSER\iSERT before…

I just am really struggling on figuring out the best way to move forward. Any guidance would be appreciated.