Need Help building out my home lab

Hey all, Could really use a little nudge to get started. I am working on my home lab, and wanted to build up a new base system. I have a dual xeon system, with a P40 on it. I am looking for guidance on OS… I’m good with both Windows or Ubuntu.
What I’m looking for is guidance on the following things:

  1. OS and version (ubuntu 22.04/20.04) or Windows Server
  2. Python version (I think 3.10 is the most supported)
  3. Correct Cuda Core Version, and NVIDIA Drivers version for a p40
    My goals are to use huggingface models for tuning and use in an API, and probably use LLMs for personal, in home text and code generation. Going to play around with all of it. But could really use some catch up here on getting started.
    Thanks for your help.

Hi @dregalia
You can use either Ubuntu or Windows 10/11 or server 2022
as per your convenience.
You can install latest cuda 12.4 toolkit along with driver version 550.54.15 in case you chose Ubuntu OS. Below are the links for referecne.

In case you would like to go for Windows OS, please follow below links for compatible driver and cuda toolkit.