Need Help Connecting Jetson Nano with Relays from Deep Learning Output

Hi All,
I planning to control power on-off button (maybe LED first) through Jetson nano via relay board from deep learning output.

Inputs will be generated from deep learning model (classification of two conditions) and from that input will control power on-off automatically. Can someone help me in getting this setup done as I am new to this?

Thank You.

Hey, @yusuf.maulana, I’m curious, why are you using deep learning for this? This looks like a classical ML problem. What is the dataset that you plan to train on to produce these outputs?

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Because I want to classification mouth with 300 dataset mouth (open & close).
so I choose deep learning with transfer learning, and I hope my camera can classification in real-time.

When my camera can classification mouth, I hope it will automatically on-off the system which I make.