Need help deciding on GPU for Cuda. Newb Question !


I am an embedded systems graduate willing to learn more about cuda and gpu’s.

Here are my Q’s

  1. I cannot spend much so am looking for a cheaper version to learn cuda on ! So is ge force 9500 gs or 9600 gt good enough for it ? have i got any other better options ?

  2. I have a dual boot system, ubuntu and vista-32, 1.6 Ghz inspiron 6400 with 2 gb ram.

Is the system configuration okay for installing one of those cards and work or will I having some problem ?

I am willing to start learning cuda on linux.


go for 9600gt much better than 9500gs, and has very good price :)

Get a GT 220.

It has twice the number of registers and better memory coalescing than the older models.
It has 48 shader units, not much but it’s also quite inexpensive.

It’s the best value card for CUDA developers right now.