Need help deciphering --ODMDATA

I need a bit of help with --odmdata on jetson-tk1. I found a descriptive spreadsheet online that expains most of what I need but I am curious on how to set a certain bit.

I would like to set the primary display to HDMI in odmdata so I can complete fastboot commands that need a display interface for selection ie locking bootloader.

I assume the odmdata would be this for jetson-tk1:

change 0x6009C000 to --odmdata 0x6029C000

External Media

// display options																				
	#define TEGRA_DEVKIT_BCT_CUSTOPT_0_DISPLAY_OPTION_RANGE      22:20																				
	#define TEGRA_DEVKIT_BCT_CUSTOPT_0_DISPLAY_OPTION_DEFAULT    0x0UL																				
	// embedded panel (lvds, dsi, etc)																				
	// no panels (external or embedded)																				
	#define TEGRA_DEVKIT_BCT_CUSTOPT_0_DISPLAY_OPTION_NULL       0x1UL																				
	// use hdmi as the primary																				
	#define TEGRA_DEVKIT_BCT_CUSTOPT_0_DISPLAY_OPTION_HDMI       0x2UL																				
	// use crt as the primary 																				

Here is the spreadsheet explaining each bit of customer info:

Bump. I am surprised no Nvidia Dev commented on this. Should be an easy answer for someone that knows the odmdata functions. Please comment ;)

Hi Linux4all,

May I ask where you got this spreadsheet?

I searched the internet and this is the most informative odmdata I could find. I added other devices odm data to the spreadsheet my self.

I actually JUST noticed there is a second page to the spreadsheet that explains much much more.

[url]ODMDATA - Google Sheets

Hi Linux4all,

I checked this with our internal odmdata table and found the bit you indicated is not related to display.

In fact, for TK1 odm data, there is no control bit for display.

Thank you Wayne for clearing this up. Much appreciation for the response.

On a side note for Primary Display in fastboot/nvtboot does the bootloader set the flag “IsHdmiPrimaryDisplay” or does the kernel when CONFIG_HDMI_PRIMARY is set?

Hi Linux4all,

Are you asking how " NvOdmQueryIsHdmiPrimaryDisplay" determines if HDMI is primary display?

Yes exactly.

I just checked and find this function returns true if specific board id is detected.

It looks like nvbootloader for ardbeg would return false.

Thank you Wayne. Can you provide the correct board id so I can test this? Thank you immensely for your help. Much appreciated.

My guess would be boardid p1889,1 since it has an hdmiprimary dts.

The only thing I could find in board files is board-panel.c the reference to “this is hdmi primary” but no mention of a specific boardid that sets hdmi primary:

[url]nv-tegra.nvidia Code Review - linux-3.10.git/blob - arch/arm/mach-tegra/board-panel.c

I appreciate you taking the time to help on this Wayne.


This is the condition that returns true.

BoardID == BOARD_P2530 (0x09E2) && (BoardInfo.SKU == 0x0384))

So this condition still stands true in ardbeg t124 bootloader.bin and also in t210 cboot.bin? Thank you yet again for the response.

Board ID 2530
[url]nv-tegra.nvidia Code Review - linux-3.10.git/blob - arch/arm/mach-tegra/board-loki-panel.c

Hi Linux4all,

This condition is only used for nvbootloader in t124. For t210 cboot, it does not exist.

and Yes, 2530 is the board ID of Loki. As a result, this function would not return true when using t124 devkit.