Need Help For GPU

Guys hello,
I hope I am in the true place asking solution for my problem:)
the guy who sells my say that this GPU supports 3 monitors, but it only support 2 monitors at the same time. is there any way, that i can make it work with 3 monitors. i can be any software, driver trick. if there is can you tell me:

Here is what i have:
I have GT730-2GD3 (GeForce GT 730)
Serial No: FBYVCM009531
Part No: 90YV06K0-M0NA00

in nvidia control panel
system information:
Driver version: 372.70
direct3d api version: 11.2
direct3d feature level 11_0
cuda cores: 96
graphics clock 700 mhz
processor clock 1400 mhz
memorey data rate: 1600 mhz
memory interface: 128 bit
memory bandwidth 25.60 gb/s
total available graphics 8166 mb
dedicated video memory 2048 mb ddr3
system video memory 0 mb
shared system memory 6118 mg
video bios version 70.08.d5.00.05
bus: pci express x 16 gen2
device id: 10DE 0F02 84F61043
PART number: 1071 0012

this one?
it should support 3 monitors.

…questionable. it has 384 CUDA cores, but control panel says 96.

I wonder whether this might be related to the issues discussed in this recent thread about a supposed “GT 730”: