Need help for the issue associated with GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 conflicts on demo applications.

I am trying to run applications of py-faster-RCNN on the TX2, which I have flashed with JetPack3.1. Let me ask your help.

  1. After installing py-faster-RCNN, I could run with the test images. However it does not show the images(display widows pop up with empty content). The error message is: “Couldn’t find foreign struct converter for ‘cairo.Context’”

  2. With the same setting, I also tried to run a video application and failed with the error message
    “Gtk-ERROR **: GTK+ 2.x symbols detected. Using GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 in the same process is not supported”. cv2.imshow() seems like conflicting with some display related setting(GTK). In fact, if cv2.imshow is disabled, the application is detecting objects(by typing the detected class name on console).


1. Please install the dependency:

sudo apt-get install python-dev
sudo apt-get install libffi-dev
sudo pip install cffi
sudo pip install cairocffi

2. Do you build OpenCV from source or use OpenCV4Tegra?
We didn’t meet this error when testing the py-faster-RCNN sample.

Here is an related issue may give you some information: