Need help identifying this capaciter - Broken 2080 Ti FE - NVidia support hasn't helped

Hi folks,

I hope this is an appropriate area for posting this. I made a big mistake and accidentally dropped my water block backplate onto the back of my RTX 2080 Ti FE and chipped off what I believe to be some type of ceramic filtering cap, maybe an 0402 size, not positive though.

Can anyone help me identify this so I can go about fixing this card?

I did reach out to NVidia to see if they had any options available for me I asked to pay for a repair service, to ship my card back and pay for a new card for a reduced cost, and finally, I asked for the values/specs of the broken ceramic capacitor but they were unwilling to provide me any help.

I’m really hoping I can find the information I need here. Please let me know if you need more/better pictures

Thank you!