Need help in ISAAC simulation

is there any documentation available on isaac simulation using flatsim? other then the one which is from nvidia… actually that documents just tells how to run the example of flatsim simulation… i have created an issac app where i am getting the odometery data but i am not finding a way to which edge i send that data to flatsim simulation… n how can i import any random map for my testing…

any help in this regard is much appreciated

I did not quite follow where you said you have odometry data that you want to send to Flatsim. Flatsim will generate the odometry data in response to the drive commands you send it. You’ll notice in packages/flatsim/apps/flatsim.subgraph.json that the simulation subgraph is the source of the flatscans and diff_base_state (fed into DifferentialBaseWheelImuOdometry to derive odometry), but navigiation.subgraph/interface/command is the source for simulation diff_base_command.

The demo json files in packages/flatsim/apps/ should give you an example of how to load different maps. See the config under “map.filename” which specifies the PNG occupancy grid map layer for your world. Make sure to match this in your navigation stack, otherwise your robot will be navigating in a world that doesn’t match “reality.”

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ok i understood now… thanks alot

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