Need help removing Cuda Remove Cuda

I have a GeForce 9600m GS 1GB with an Intel Centrino 2 Duo 2.3GHz and I downloaded Cuda thinking it would help my graphics and games, and other programs, However After installing it all my colors on my PC look as if they were Brightened. and I can no longer open my Power options menu which shouldn’t be at all effected by the Video card being as that is apart of Asus, but after installing this that wont work. also I installed the tool kit but also having thr problem with the driver not installing. maybe thats why things look wierd, but I also went to Nvidia and got the current driver for my notebook and still wont allow the driver to install but I can get back just the PhysX that I had on here that worked. But like I said My colors and all are out of wack and I cant find anywere to remove Cuda, cant even find the the program on my PC, only evidence that I can find of it is the Nvidia System Information, Components tab. but I have no way of getting it off. any one know how to fix this