Need help setting up tesla k80 and gforce nvidia rtx 3060

I recently built a new computer, and I had a GeForce RTX 3060 gpu running just fine on my PC. I decided to get a nvidia tesla k80, and after installing it and fixing everything on the BIOS to get it to work with my system, I finally got it to work. But now on the device manager it shows that my Rtx 3060 is not working. To fix this, I uninstall and delete the drivers for my 3060, and, after rebooting the system, it shows the 3060 working and the tesla k80 stops working saying not enough resources to activate API. So I uninstall the drivers for the tesla and reboot, and I am back to where I started, with with 3060 not working and the tesla k80 working. Has this happened to anybody? Does anyone know how to fix this?