Need help to reset lciense for my freepvf subscription

I need to generate a new license.dat file for my PIN for my free PGi Visual Fortran, but it seems to say that a current license exists.

I need to know how I can reset/clear that current license so I can generate a new license.dat file for my machine.

( the original license.dat must be bogus info )



You’ll need to reapply for a new license since the 2009/2010 PVF academic licenses expired at the end of August.

Hope this helps,

I have renewed . Somehow I’m stuck . I can’t generate a new license via WWW because it says it expired in Aug 2010. But i have a new PIN that has an expiration date of Aug 2011.

Here is the info :

PIN 522801

Order date Sep 15 12:43:08 2010
Distributor PGI
Distributor reference PVF-US-EDU Promotion Subscription expires Aug 31 23:59:59 2011 Current release 10.9 Licenses purchased 1 Licenses used 1 Product ordered PVF64S-W1-A (PGI Visual Fortran Workstation for Windows, 1-pack, Academic License)

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Laura Gibons
PGI Sales

Can someone , anyone get this resolved?

Please take a look at this URL, to see what I get when i try to “view” my license.dat file via the PGI WWW site :


Hi Amadi,

I’m not sure what the problem is, but will investigate.

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