Need Help with GeForce 8400GS with Ubuntu 18.04

The dvi monitor wasn’t necessary, it was just confusing that I couldn’t see it while you were talking about it.
Can you please put me straight about the current issues you’re seeing?

Hi Generix -

The 3 things right now are:

  1. DVI background is pixelated. It wasn’t always this way…it just started after creating the Xorg.conf file.
  2. BIOS and boot messages not displaying - it sounds like this won’t be an option for me as I can’t edit the BIOS for the graphics card…is that correct?
  3. Firefox windows open slowly and, for lack of better words, unfold, if that makes sense.

Would any benefit come from using a different driver, or is this maybe the best I am going to get? It is really good…just wondering if the few quirks are fixable.

Thanks again!

ad 1: according to the logs, the dvi monitor is picked up correctly, can you describe the ‘pixelation’ a bit more or attach a photo?
ad 2: yes, since the onboard video can’t be disabled, this is not fixable apart from going back to prime mode and attaching the vga to the onboard connector.
ad3 : this might be the known gnome bugs which have been fixed with gnome 3.34/ubuntu 19.10. (Doesn’t fix it in prime mode, though.

Overall, the 8400GS (apart from using nouveau) is only supported by the nvidia-340 legacy driver which will run out of support (EOL) by end of this year, so you’ll probably run into unfixable problems once xorg 1.21 will be released.