Need help with optimus. Nvidia and Mesa conflict leading to system stall

Hi. I’ve already given up on searching for laptop without optimus(all good laptops are optimus ones).

I failed to use latest nvidia driver with shared memory and scanout. But bubmlebee is basically also an option. Problem is, that I need NVidia’s OpenGL. Installing it in addition to Intel drivers and Mesa causes Xorg problems and system stall. More over, after intalling nvidia Intel’s Mesa OpenGL stops working. Could someone explain how to use it right way?

Having OpenSuse 12.3. Nvidia goes in conflict with some of “libgl*” packages of Mesa. How to make it work right way? For example in my case, using desktop, firefox etc with both drivers installed causes system to stop responging and need to turn off laptop. And somehow Skype also stops working(on execution attempt gives out “Segmentation fault”).

Thanks a lot!