Need help with partner Login

I have been looking for help in Partner Login.

We have got Drive PX2 box, but I haven’t got the credential to login into

We did receive one email from which has reset password link and security key, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I have been trying to ask help for so many days.

Can somebody help me here?

can you please try this?

Ok, I was able to successfully join Drive Program and now I see Linux SDK installation. But I m confused now, Is it the same step that is mentioned in Drive PX2 getting started?

Here’s is what it mentions:

How and where to download the Linux Beta 1.0 SW Package for DRIVE PX 2 Platform
Go to; login with credentials provided by your NVIDIA representative.
To locate the specific files for this release, select:
Product Line: DRIVE PX
Product Family: Parker
Enter [Beta 1.0] in the Search: bar (note: no space before [ and no space after ])
Then download all files/packages prefixed with [Beta 1.0]

Is this step same as downloading sdk from drive developer program?

Let me know.

Please follow the instructions on

Ok. Thanks… I ll try and let you know…