Need Help with Quad Sli Quad sli

hi sorry if im posting in the wrong spot i tried doing it in the quad sli forum section but it wouldn’t let me so im posting here.
ok so my problem is i installed 2 9800gx2 video cards and got sli hooked up and when i enable sli in the nvidia control panel my computer starts thinking i only have one video out put not 6 like i should have. also when i try playing games like cod4 i can’t upgrade my graphic settings it all stays the same at normal while my friend got the 9600 and his graphics all got upgraded much higher. also all it does in the game is this stupid thing bar on the side which says quad sli and just goes up and down i guess showing my fps which also only goes up to 60. but before i got this card i looked around and people had been able to get much higer fps than that so could you guys tell me what i did wrong.
also i used the cd driver that came with the video card i didn’t download the driver off the site. and i have windows vista 32 bit. thank you guys.

Indeed the wrong forum. I would suggest one of the gaming oriented forums instead. SLI does not work in CUDA, so any SLI-related question is not likely to find a lot of people with experience (only by chance)

UHHHH i see, ill go post somewhere else then my bad!

yes you will have only ONE output available when you are in SLI mode.

i have 2 8800GTS G92s and it is the same way.

i also have CoD4 it came with my XFX vcard (btw greeat game) and you will have i think 3 settings that NORMAL = the highest setting possible…i checked this out in #callofduty irc channel on gamesurge or enterthegame or something…

yep that is normal…your friend will not get a setting higher then normal on those (i think its 3 settings) where NORMAL is the higherst possible even if you had $20,000 video cards…thats just how the developers made it.

Hey didn’t he say he used the drivers that came on the cd with his cards? Those are out of date the minute they leave the factory.Always goto Nvidia’s site and get the latest drivers.
I only have one GX2 and In Hellgate London,(don’t have COD4),Under DX9 at least I can run with all settings compleatley maxed out at 1920x1200 in Vista 64bit and still get anywhere from 60 to 100fps depending on where I am at in the game.
When you update the drivers be sure to make sure your SLI is still enabled.Also you can use multiple outputs but will not get the performance advantage your after with two GX2 cards.
Example : if you use the default ouput,(as when you had one card),you should get the performance boost.BUT,you can also use multiple outputs,(one from each card for best performance),and spread your video over two monitors for a wider field of view.
You can also disable SLI,then use the 4 outputs to run on 4 monitors giving you the widest field of view.But when you use both outputs on one card remember your performace will be limited to the one core per monitor of the card,or half of what one GX2 is capable of.
I’ve seen this done and it looks awsome,but the overall performace took a major hit.
And if I’m not mistaken,for multiple outputs the games must support it as well.