Need more help! NVIDIA Tegra System On Modules?

Looking for an NVIDIA Tegra System On Modules which comes with latest Tegra version, minimum 2GB RAM, Quad Core and should support both Windows and Linux Operation Systems. Any suggestions??

Thanks in Advance!

Both the Jetson TK1 and TX1 have the hardware you want. Both have board support packages for Linux (Ubuntu, known as Linux for Tegra when hardware accelerated drivers are added).

None of them support Windows. Third party vendors (such as Toradex…see have their own versions of Tegra modules which support both Windows and Linux.

Yes, very agree with last message ideas. Now few board supports Windows. If you take Linux operating system board with 2GB Quad core. Third party vendors we suggest you here:

If you are looking for Linux OS SOM, you can also have a look at, RAM can be custom to 2GB, quad core.

Thank you for your suggestions