Need pictures from programming manual

Hi all,

is there someone who has the pictures as seen in the programming manual? I would like to use some of these pictures as an introduction in my final report to help people understand the programming model.

It would be very handy to have these as pictures, otherwise I will have to make screenshots of the pdf…

Thanks in advance,

There is a tool with xpdf (linux): pdfimages -j will give you the images in jpg format (this from only reading the manual, never tried it ;-)

Very nice to know, only the 2 images I was most interested in do not get converted properly :(

You could also try Adobe Acrobat, which has 30 days free trial. I’m not sure you can get each image out, but you can convert it to word (which will have the images I assume). Windows only though

Simple. In Windows, hit the “Print Screen” key, then open Paint and paste. To crop, select a region, right click, and choose Copy To.

Alex, that is what I said in my original post… O:)

Anyhow, I received the pictures I need from a nice person at NVIDIA, so I am all set to finish my report :D


You can download older version of Acrobat (7.0.9) which has a cut and paste option for images and separately for texts.

That is good info to know. I will try to keep a copy of the install around so I can use it next time.