Need power connection info for DGX-1 (P2787)

We received an nVIDIA DGX-1 server from another organization, no power cords. I will state up front I do not know much about this server, I just kmow we were shipped a server I have to get running. In trying to power this up I realized it takes 240v input. So I really need to know what power cords I need and beyond the power cords what else do I need? Just wall outlets or a PDU? If PDU what is recommended?


Hi @alan.raczek , you will need 4x C13/C14 cables rated for 8A (as the power cords), and then ideally 2 circuits of 200-240V to split the 4 cords between. The DGX-1 User Guide at DGX-1 User Guide :: DGX Systems Documentation gives a tad more info.

You generally don’t want to plug them into a wall socket. The common deployment is to connect to the PDUs in the rack. Which PDU to use really depends on what else is in the rack, and what you have on the datacenter wall.


Thank you for the quick information. The rack the server is going in is a half height Tripp Lite rack with no UPS. No intention to have a UPS and the rack does not have any other devices in use installed in the rack. I was looking into PDU’s and came across an APC - AP9571A. It has a NEMA L6-30P (5.0 kW) input, 10 C13 208v output. Unless there is a suitable half height PDU available.

That APC PDU should be perfect. Horizontal PDUs like that are perfect for your setup.

Thank you! Just wanted to be sure as I am not necessarily an electrician! Or more accurate I want to be sure I tell the electrician exactly what we need.


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