Need some more Lab time to complete "Getting started with Deep Learning"

Dear Nvidia community,
I enrolled for “Getting started with Deep Learning”. This is my first course on this platform. I was not sure that lab time was limited. I gone through all videos and completed the assignments upto the last lecture. However, I ran out of lab time to complete to take the assesment. I really want to know what I have learnt. Is there a way for me to earn some extra lab time and complete this course?

Hemanth T N


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! I have forwarded your request to the DLI team for review.

Thanks for your patience,


I’ve added some additional lab time for this course to your account, so you should be able to access the material again.

Taylor, DLI Platform

Dear Nvidia community,

I recently enrolled in the “Getting started with Deep Learning” course, which is my first on this platform. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the limited lab time and was unable to complete the assessment, meaning that I cannot apply for the certificate. I would appreciate any guidance or suggestions on how to regain access to the course and obtain the certificate.

Name : Amar Raj Ghimire

Hi @amarghimire1993,

I have extended your time for the “Getting started with Deep Learning” course.
Let me know if you have any issues accessing the course.

I am also having this issue, could you please add more lab time to my account.

Hello @landonbjackson,

Sorry for the delay in responding, I was OOO. Please tell me the course name, and I can add some time to your account.


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