Need souce code for

I have designed my custom board and need to modify this driver From where i can get the source code for this driver.

So far as I know this is available in binary format only.

Thanks for your response.
Actually i need its source code as i have to enable interlacing feature in tegra tk1 and it seems only possible by modifying this driver.
Because by default there is no support of interlacing in it.

NVIDIA would have to provide that change for you and many people have run into the interlacing mode restriction over the years. Since the TK1 is only in a software maintenance stage and not in a feature release stage I would think this would require talking to an NVIDIA sales representative (you will not be able to get interlacing support nor source code for that particular driver on the forums).

yes diffidently i will contact them. and for the last can you share your sales contact info or link specifically for tk1 where i could submit my ticket or problem and i should get instant response.

I myself have no contact information for that. Whoever you purchased the TK1 SoC chip from would probably have that information, or someone else here may know.

Ok, i have forwarded my query to the sales department from the link available on this site. Let’s see what happens.

I contacted your sales department and didn’t hear back from them. can you provide me any other way to out the interlaced video from tk1.
Is there any nvidia tk1 team member is available to suggest the solution?

Hi faizmajeed07,

The interlaced video mode is not supported on TK1.