Need to Pair Shield Controller Each Time Jetson Nano (with Kaya Image) is Rebooted

Hi all, I’m using a Shield controller to run the joystick, and other kaya programs, but I find that the Shield controller will not work after rebooting the OS. When I restart the Operating System the Shield Controller will be listed as off in the Bluetooth devices and it won’t connect again automatically. To make it work I need to remove, and pair the controller again for that particular session (turning the slider to on doesn’t work). Has anybody else seen this issue with the Shield Controller and Jetson Nano?


That is strange. Anything in the logs “journalctl -xe”? You could try adding the “-d” parameter to bluetoothd in its systemd startup service file and then checking the “journalctl -r -u bluetooth” for any suspicious activity with the Shield controller reconnect.