Need urgent help with CUDA Examples for MRI reconstruction in CUDA

Hello to all members. I am a student in Bulgaria. Recently а professor from my university gave me the task to find examples for MRI(Magnetic resonance imaging) reconstruction in CUDA technology implemented in Nvidia Quadro FX4800. I found a couple of articles in the web, but they are written in very complex and strictly technological language, which i hardly understand. My request is if someone has sufficient knowledge in MRI to post me some examples and explain them in a way understandable for a lame like me. Thank you.

Yours sincerely Veselin Dimov.

Email your professor this link.

Best link ever!

Halle-freakin-lujah! I always start rofling when seeing some lmgtfy-stuff :)

How many CUDA jedis out there did use exactly that gfx card and also posted some detailed but easy-to-understand documents on the www? Do you just have to find any “examples” like e.g. project names and brief summaries or do you really have to feed him more detailed information?