Needing a 4 monitor setup with Horizon View and NVIDIA GRID

What I’m trying to do is allow doctors with High resolution monitors (2560x1600), between 3 to 4 monitors read radiology images on a VM. Without using the GRID card I can power 4 monitors but the scrolling of images is very choppy which makes it difficult for them to read a study. So I want to use the advantage of a GPU. What I’m finding with Horizon View is that I can currently only power 2 monitors at a resolution of 1920x1200 using a GRID card. What I’m hoping is that someone may have found a way to power 4 monitors with a GRID card through Horizon. Or news that it will soon be available would be nice. Any help will be much appreciated.

Description of Environment:

Horizon View 6.0.1 build-2088845
2 DELL PowerEdge R720s

VMware Horizon Client resides on Dell Precision T3610 Workstations with 3 to 4 monitors of 2560x1600 resolution or in some cases better.

Two displays according to VMWare documentation.

I found this in the documentation from VMWare.

PCoIP display protocol with a maximum
of two display monitors

Thanks for sharing that @sharpster. Possibly down the road then they will be able to support 4.

Possibly, but you’ll need to chase VMware on that. They should be motivated as other VDI vendors support 4 displays.