Needing an RMA for Jetson Xavier had to post here first


I am in need of an RMA for one of our xavier boards that is DOA. Both the board and the chip are not working properly after testing them. The chat representative would not process an RMA without me posting here first.

The board will not show any light or power on the xavier it came with or another working one.
The Xavier will not work with another working board and i can’t flash it even though it shows in lsusb on a working board. i get lots of errors in the sparse image conversion step and then it just disconnects itself mid flash and reports no bootloaders during "tegradevflash_v2 --iscpubl step. I have tried multiple jetpack versions and even tried a connecttech board and their image with no luck.

Ordered less than a year ago

Please let me know if you need anything else to help me process this RMA. Thanks

Hi @ian.price, is your setup able to successfully flash your working board? You should be using a native Ubuntu installation on your host PC for flashing, and not a VM (sometimes VM have USB disconnection problems).

If you can flash your known-working unit with your PC setup, then you have our approval to RMA the board that isn’t working.

Thanks Dusty, i have flashed several already with our dedicated baremetal flashing box. I will start another chat session to get things started.