Needleman&Wunsch sequence alignement CUDA code need a sample CUDA code for NW alignment

I am new to CUDA but would like to explore the application of CUDA to bioinformatics. Is there anybody who has a sample code for pair-wise sequence alignment for Needleman and Wunsch algorithm? I would like to study it to get a quick start on CUDA.

Thank you very much! My email:

Hi Michelle:

I am also looking for the needleman wunsch CUDA code. But, i didn’t find any. If you find such code please let me know.

I am also looking for smithwaterman cuda code also.


Hi Everybody

I am newbie in CUDA Programming . I also want Needleman_wunsch cuda code or smithwaterman cuda code or you can provide me any type of help . I urgently need help on cuda programming . So, that I can start work .

I am waiting for your reply .

Thanks In advance.

Chitranjan Singh.

Google also returns a few hundred implementations. Sometimes the spoon needs to be lifted from the bowl to the mouth…