Neither Firefox or Chromium will start

I thought I sucessfully updated my Xaviar AGX but now neither Chromium or Firefox will start. It seems to be doing something but nothing displays.

If I try to start firefox from the command line I get an error message "failed to verify SELinux content of /home/peter/snap

I have checked to make sure everything is updated.

BTW, I have had this for 2 years and it has been nothing but one hassle after another.

Is it time to nuke and pave?

SElinux is not normally installed on Jetsons. Have you ever manually added any kind of SElinux package?

Note that the setting to warn about SElinux issues is normal. Many Linux installs set this up as a log note only and do not enforce SElinux. So it is quite possible SElinux has nothing to do with it.

You might also run “dmesg --follow” in a terminal before running any browser, and then see what shows up while starting one. I think chromium needs something like --no-sandbox, but I have not personally played around with that. Someone else might want to comment on sandboxes. So far as I know firefox does not require this, but maybe it is slowing down to some other reason, e.g., no DNS might cause it to wait while resolving names that never resolve.

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