NeMo installation - done; performance to be evaluated

@_av finally my issue solved with numba-0.47.0 . super!thank you very much Andrey ,

Appreciate the insights from all, really helpful, trying to install Nemo on Jetson Nano, @_av, can you please tell me if there is a place wherein I can find straight forward instructions in one place for installing Nemo on Jetson Nano?

NeMo / Jarvis are primarily targeted x86_64. Howerver the former can be built from sources.
Moreover, there is also cloud-natve jetson voice container that supports only certain version of l4t but is easier in deployment

the latter will likely require to downgrade the jetpack to match the version supported by the container

Thanks @_av , clear on the first one. Can you pass me the link for Cloud Native container? Sorry I can not find it and will save me time, TIA.